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No Barriers Warriors

No Barriers Warriors is a program of No Barriers USA, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. The program empowers veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. Their experiences serve as both an opportunity for growth and catalyst for change as these brave men and women stretch boundaries, build teams, innovate through adversity and step up to lead and serve others. Complementing the reintegration process, this program provides quality transformative experiences that inspire warriors to grow and continue to contribute their absolute best to the world. Warriors to Summits is just one of many experiential expeditions No Barriers Warriors offers. For more information about No Barriers Warriors and No Barriers USA, please visit nobarriersusa.org.

No Barriers Warriors expeditions use mountains as both a metaphor and a training ground. Experiences are comprised of three phases: thorough preparation, transformative experience, and meaningful engagement. Every curriculum based experience is geared toward facilitating transformation, establishing a lifelong rope team and giving warriors the tools to live a No Barriers Life.

Our expeditions have taken us to Nepal, Ecuador, Peru, the South Pole and locations around the U.S. including in 2014 to Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States, and in 2015 to Gannett Peak, WY in the Wind River Range. Most recently, our 2016 Warriors to Summits expeditions took us to the Gila Wilderness, NM, the Presidential Range in the NE USA, and the San Juan Mountain Range in CO.