Phase III: Building new habits

Dani standing on a bridge in OregonIdentity. Purpose. Community.

These elements were deeply embedded in your military service through unit cohesiveness and sharing a common mission. Unfortunately, there is no communal training for civilian life and it can be challenging to discover and develop these elements post-service.

Enter, Phase III.

We know that going home and returning to “normal” life can be rough. Momentum wanes, old habits reassert themselves and your expedition experiences fade into the background of your everyday routine.

Despite this, we firmly believe that the transformation that starts in the wilderness can continue in your everyday life. I’ll be honest with you though: The thing about transformation is that it takes hard work. Remember what it took to transform you into a Warrior? Demanding, repetitive training that turned new skills into daily habits; learning to be part of a team; putting the mission first.

In Phase III, we are asking you for that same level of commitment. We are asking you to build new habits. We are asking you to engage in the struggle of Reaching outside your comfort zone and leaning on your Rope Team as you cast a new Vision for your future.

Do you remember why you applied to come with us on an expedition? Was it just to escape from your life for a week? Was it the opportunity for a free trip?

Or did you want to start building and living a more meaningful life?
This is what we want for you; but you have to want it, too.