2017 Expedition

Branch of Service: United States Navy

State: New England

From a very young age, Reena had always dreamed of being a fighter pilot. In pursuit of her dream, she learned pilots needed 20/20 vision – something that she did not have. Without losing sight of her dream of aviation, she shifted her focus on becoming an aviation mechanic.

At sixteen years-old, she joined the Navy by way of the delayed entry program, leaving for bootcamp at seventeen. After excelling in aviation mechanic school, she had her own choice of aircraft. She choose the love of her childhood: the F-14 Tomcat.

After the Navy, Reena returned home but she says, “things were different.” She went through the world disconnected, un-grounded, like “watching your life from the outside.” She has filled the void left by the F-14, with a renewed love for off–road motorcycles.

Through Warriors to Summits, Reena is looking forward to connecting with others, being on a team and moving forward together. She hopes to meet and help others that have similar struggles and to overcome her fear of people and regaining friendships, while accomplishing a long-term focused goal.

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