Past Expedition: 2015 Gannett Peak

Branch of Service: United States Army

Currently Residing In: Loveland, CO

I am Paul Smith and I am originally from Kansas City, Mo. I attended Wentworth Military Academy in the early 90’s and in 2001 I joined the Army. I served with the 1st Cavalry Division as a 19k where I Deployed to Iraq in December of 2003. I served until an IED blew up my hummvee in mid-2004 where I was awarded a Purple Heart.

Since honorably retiring from the military in 2006 I have struggled with severe pain both physically and mentally as wells as a variety of other issues. Time has healed some things but I still struggle daily.

Today, I am married and am proud to be raising four beautiful kids; three boys 16, 13, and 10 and my 6yr old girl. I have gotten involved with service organizations that give back to Veterans in the past and I enthusiastically look forward to getting beyond my barriers and living a more productive, happy life.

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