Nathan Wright

Branch of Service: United States Army
Currently Residing In: Cypress, TX

My name is Nathan Wright. I was born and raised near Houston, Texas. I have been married to my wife Jessica for almost nine years. I served in the United States Army for five years with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team as a Forward Observer in Chosen Company, 2nd platoon. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 and returned after a rough 15-month deployment.

During the deployment I received multiple injuries, including a severe blow to the head. While recovering from my wounds, my platoon was ambushed in the village of Wanat, Afghanistan and suffered heavy casualties. When the dust settled nine paratroopers were killed in action and 27 were wounded. To say these men were my closest friends would not do them justice. Every day since July 13, 2008 my life hasn’t been the same. Two of the deceased were like brothers.

The guilt I carry with me every day for not being there when they needed me the most has been tremendously difficult to overcome. It is my hope that No Barriers Warriors will help me overcome some of the obstacles that seem to be present in my life today. I owe it to my family and to the men who sacrificed their lives, to be the best person I can be. I do this in honor of the Chosen Few.


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