Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force / U.S. Army

Hometown: Noxapater, MN

Current Residence: Syracuse, NY

Marcie HolmesMarcie is originally from Mississippi, she and her twin sister joined the Air Force National Guard in order to pay for college. Marcie and her sister grew up in a single parent home.

After Marcie graduated from college she moved to South Carolina and joined the Air Force Reserve. She was briefly in the Reserve, while in she had an Army recruiter to talk with her. At that time she wanted more as a solider, so she decide to join the Army. In the Army she had many jobs such as Water Purification Specialist, Army Recruiter, Retention NCO, and Respiratory Therapist. Through it all the military gave her the opportunity to travel and learn a new skills.

Marcie hopes to gain new experiences and a sense of teamwork with Warriors to Summits. Last year she experienced being a leader on an 8 mile hike. This showed her that she had leadership skills and the feedback she received was helpful. Marcie also learned to face her fears and enjoyed the encouragement from others.

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