Past Expedition: 2016 Presidential Range

Branch of Service: U.S. Army and National Guard

Hometown: Alabaster, AL

Current Residence: Calera, AL

Joseph walks in dirt wearing full camouflageJoseph joined the Army in 2004 with a legionary unit Easy Company 2-506 Band of brother at Fort Campbell, Ky. He was deployed to Iraq as an 13F Forward Observer and Targeting operator, where he ran small kill teams and targeting operations. In his next deployment to Afghanistan, he was badly injured from two anti-tank mines that went off under his seat. After two and half years of rehab, Joseph was medically retired from the Army as an E-6.

Joseph has a lovely wife, Christen, two daughters, 10 and 6, and a 9 month old son. They keep him going everyday and without them he would not make it. His wife keeps him on track as best she can. He lost a lot of memory with his last concussion and doesn’t remember most of his childhood (80%), high school or college.

Joseph is looking forward to Warriors to Summits to push himself to where he is afraid of going. He was a huge outdoorsman but since his injury he has lost himself. He wants to gain his confidence back and in the words of his wife, he needs this more than he knows.

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