Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Residence: San Diego, CA

Jonny standing in his full Army gear in front of an airplaneJonny joined the army at age 18 to be an airborne infantryman. He deployed in 2001 on a peacekeeping operation to Kosovo with the 82nd airborne division. Jonny served an overseas tour in South Korea in 2003 and was tasked to provide security for key command and control facilities as well as the Combatant Commander of all U.S. forces and combined forces. Immediately upon return to the United States, he was deployed to Iraq with the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division as an infantry team leader. In 2009, he changed his focus in his military career and became a civil affairs specialist.

While on active duty, Jonny studied to be a health educator and attained his Bachelor’s degree with a certificate in disaster management. During that time he discovered his passion in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. Over the course of his time in the service, Jonny traveled to some areas of the world that desperately needed help. No matter where he was in the world, he always felt like he was at home.

In 2014, Jonny transitioned out of the army and began focusing on healing as well as spending lost time with his children and wife. He volunteers with local non-profit organizations that help rebuild communities and is very involved in a disaster relief organization whose mission is to stand ready to deploy worldwide in the event of natural or manmade disasters to help alleviate the effects of disasters once they occur.

During his Warriors to Summit journey, Jonny hopes to meet other veterans that are having similar experiences and hear their stories. He is trying to network with veteran organizations and help people in their transition. In doing a program like this, it will allow him to cultivate more knowledge on what people go through and how they mitigate and move through the challenges they face while transitioning, as well as years down the line after they have gotten out of the military. This being Jonny’s second No Barriers Warriors program, he hopes to become a mentor on future expeditions.

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