Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Hometown: Cape Coral, FL

Current Residence: Cape Coral, FL

Howard stands in a bedroom in his camouflage.Howard served almost eight years in the Army as a 21 B combat Engineer. In addition, he did two deployments to Iraq. During his last deployment, he was injured by an ID blast. Howard was diagnosed with PTSD, PBI (cognitive disorder), and a few others. He retired from the Military March in 2011. It’s a journey and battle that he fights every day.

Howard is a single parent with four kids, two daughters, 16 and 21, and twin boys, 6. He believes they keep him grounded and focused. He thanks God every day that they are in his life. Howard also has a great caregiver who supports him all the way. She understands him and is able to help him cope with different situations.

Warriors to Summits will give Howard a better approach to trusting people and his surroundings. It will also give him the tools to understand what we all go through on a daily basis as a wounded soldier. In addition, he hopes it will give him the tools to beware, take charge of his symptoms and control his symptoms. The most important is how to stay alive and to find balance. This program will also give Howard a support line. With all that he has endured, he is and will always be proud he was able to defend and fight for our country.

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