Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Hometown: West Monroe, LA

Current Residence: Escondido, CA

Christopher dressed in his military uniformChristopher enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2002 and was assigned the MOS of a supply clerk. Shortly after going to his first duty station in 29 Palms, he was sent to become a machine gunner and almost immediately deployed with his unit, 3/4, to fight the war in Iraq. A book was written about Christopher’s specific unit’s deployment, McCoy’s Marines, which details 3/4’s journey into the heart of Baghdad, taking it over, and being present for the iconic tear down of the Saddam Hussein statue. He then returned to California and almost immediately redeployed to Iraq.

It was on this second deployment during which he was shot. April 11, 2004, in the province of Al Anbar, Christopher’s convoy was ambushed by Syrian insurgents who swarmed them from both sides after stopping their vehicles by putting a young girl leading cows in the middle of the road. His 2nd LT was shot through the head and Christopher was shot in the left arm while riding atop a 710 manning his mark 19 grenade launcher. He was medically retired from the Marines in 2005 with a Purple Heart and a Navy Commendation with Valor.

Christopher is now married to a United States Navy Corpsman, who serves in the hospital where he recuperated for over a year, Naval Medical Center San Diego (Balboa Hospital). They live on the outskirts of San Diego with his younger brother, best friend, his wife’s dog, and his service dog. He has also lived in Washington and Japan since his retirement.

In the future, Christopher hopes to be living closer to he and his wife’s families in the southeast, and wants to be able to start a family soon.

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