2017 Expedition

Branch of Service: United States Army

State: Utah

Brad was born in St. George, Utah where he grew up exploring the expansive landscapes, rocky mesas, towering red sandstone cliffs in the desert sunshine. A descendant of early American pioneers, Brad always dreamed of being an explorer and adventurer. At the age of seventeen, Brad signed a six-year commitment with the U.S. Army as a Cavalry Scout. During a deployment, he was wounded by shrapnel, a gunshot, and burns while serving our country.

Married with four beautiful teenage daughters, Brad often attributes his greatest happiness and inspiration to his family and daughters.

Brad hopes that that Warriors to Summits will help him find the power within himself to overcome the daily challenges of feeling defeated by PTSD. By participating he is looking for a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life. He wants to regain his self-confidence and feel a part of a team again; something that he says that has been missing since returning back to civilian life.

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