Boyd Murphy

Branch of Service: United States Army
Currently Residing In: Springfield, VA

Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Boyd joined the Army as a forward-observer in 1993. His initial Army career was very positive. He was an Honor Graduate in both Basic Training and AIT, and also earned his AIT class’s High-PT award. After his completion of the Army Airborne School and then the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) at Fort Benning, Georgia, he was stationed with the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and later with the 1/10 Field Artillery.

Boyd was selected to represent Ft. Benning in the 1996 All-Army Boxing camp, located in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. Due to major injuries received during training that involved multiple surgeries, Boyd’s dream of serving and retiring with the United States military came to an end.

Many positive aspects and accomplishments in his life have been a direct result from serving his country. Boyd was married in 1994 and had a beautiful daughter two years later. Sadly, after eight years of marriage, Boyd’s wife passed away, losing her struggle with cancer. His main goal and most important job instantly became being both father and mother to his daughter. Now that his daughter has just finished her first year of college, Boyd is focusing on other purposes for his life.

Trying to keep a positive attitude about life seems impossible at times especially while dealing with depression, PTSD and physical injuries accrued while on active duty, but Recently Boyd found out about opportunities that exist through programs like No Barriers that promote camaraderie and friendship with other wounded veterans, helping him to understand PTSD and depression do not have to be as debilitating as he once thought. Currently attending McDaniel College in Maryland, Boyd is in his senior year, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science, and at 42 years of age he still loves sports and continues to push himself hard despite the personal obstacles this disabled veteran is striving to overcome.

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