2017 Expedition

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

State: Tennessee

Ashley medically retired from the Air Force on April 27, 2017 after spending ten years on active duty. She is a mother of a two-year-old and resides in Memphis, Tennessee. After she was injured in the military, her typical activities, including running six-eight miles a day, were no longer available. As a result of her injuries, she became distant and could not function at work or socially. Post-military life has been difficult for Ashley but she is determined to not live a life of barriers.

Ashley has found enjoyment again in hiking, camping, and traveling. In 2013, a camping trip to Havasupai Falls, in the Grand Canyon sparked a sense of wonder, beauty and need to spend more time in the outdoors. Ashley says camping, hiking, and reading help her PTSD symptoms and other mental and physical issues she deals with.

Through Warriors to Summits, Ashley wants to re-acclimate around veterans again while challenging herself in the outdoors.

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