Branch of Service: U.S. Navy and National Guard

Hometown: Walters, OK

Current Residence: Walters, OK

Amy stands outside wearing her Army uniform and a beretAmy joined the Navy on a whim in 1990 after having spent the year following high school in an unsuccessful job search. She walked into the recruiting office just wanting to get more information about the Navy and walked out having agreed to return in a couple days to take the ASVAB and proceed to the MEPS for initial processing. Two months later, she was shipped to Basic Training in Orlando, FL where she was on the Fifty State Flag Team due to having prior marching and drill experience with JROTC in high school. Upon completion of her Hull Maintenance Technician “A” school in Philadelphia, Amy was stationed at SIMA Charleston in South Carolina, where she spent the next three years working in the Technical Library as a Customer Service Liaison. She left the Navy in March 1994, only three and a half years after enlisting, so she could take some time to raise her children and attend college.

Amy eventually relocated to Galveston, Texas where she worked for Seaborne Challenge Corps, a part of the National Guard Challenge Program for at risk youth. Through her work at Seaborne, she realized she missed the military life and enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard in May 2005 as an Officer Candidate. Upon completion of Warrior Transition training, her unit was activated for the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort in New Orleans. A couple week later, the military humvee she was a passenger in was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer sending her into a spin across the interstate and partially ejecting her from the vehicle. The injuries Amy sustained from this accident ended her efforts to become a commissioned officer in the Army.

Since leaving the National Guard, Amy spent her time in a variety of activities. She now considers herself retired, but would like to return to teaching one day. She spends her time biking, fishing, hiking, kayaking and playing disc golf. She also spends time walking and playing with her dog and best bud, Bear.

Through Warriors to Summits she would like to increase her confidence in her physical abilities and improve her self esteem with the hopes of one day returning to her passion of teaching Biology.

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