Q&A: Alexander Thompson – Gila Wilderness Expedition

Warriors To Summits: What would you describe as the barriers in your life you’re looking to overcome?
Alex: When I heard about Warriors to Summits, I really wasn’t sure what could be done for me. Outside of helping me to be more physically fit, what could a mountain climb do for me? Since signing up, I have been doing some soul searching and have found some deeper issues in myself. Deeper than my muscles and bones, my mind needs healing. I hope to overcome my social anxiety and my lack of self worth. I have lived with the guilt of not seeing combat since my deployment in 2014. I know I shouldn’t feel guilt, but I do. I am hoping to come to grips with that guilt.

Warriors To Summits: Please share any extracurricular personal interests, hobbies, volunteerism, an/or employment:
Alex: I enjoy gaming, movies, cooking and woodworking. I have been building a playhouse for my daughter and as soon as I get the funds for the siding, I’ll finish it.

Warriors To Summits: What are your aspirations for the future?
Alex: I hope to open my own restaurant in my town to help the community get back to its former glory.

Warriors To Summits: What are you doing to prepare for your Warriors to Summits experience mentally/physically/emotionally?
Alex: I have started walking up and down the many hills that surround my small town of Rushford, NY. Many times, I put my 1 1/2 year old son on my back. I also have been trying to work though the anxiety that exercise gives me.