Why I Applied: Adele’s Story

There were a lot of barriers I faced…

Living eight years with an overwhelming guilt for the death of two teammates, learning how to deal with my disabilities (loss of an eye, TBI and PTSD), losing my job in the military that I had loved, and feeling like I had failed on my mission in Iraq and in the military in general. In 2014, when I heard about Warriors to Summits’ Mission Mt Whitney, I realized this was my opportunity to take back my life. I was determined more than ever to accomplish this climb. Because of the training we got from an amazing group of mountaineers and the people at No Barriers, plus the efforts I put in at home on trails and at the gym, I was focused more than ever on accomplishing “this mission”. On Sept 11, 2014, when I made it to the top of Whitney and watched the sunrise, I felt such an inner peace. I knew at that moment, that I was going to try to live the best life I could live.

Now, I am striving to accomplish another huge goal: to do a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I want to do this for a few reasons: One, it is an awesome thing to do. Two, I am still not completely “fixed” and therefore, I am hoping I will be able to work out some more of my issues that I still own. And three, to bring awareness to other Veterans, like myself, who need something to help them feel more like they did before they became injured (mentally or physically). There is nothing more satisfying than to learn you are capable of so much more than you believe.

If you have the desire to learn how capable you really are and you want to work with amazing people, sign up for a Warriors to Summits Expedition. Your “rope team” is an amazing group of people that you will learn to depend on and learn from. You will be reminded that you are not alone in this world and there are so many people out there that want to be there for you.

Regardless of the type of adventure you choose, you will be happy made the choice to apply!