Know A Warrior? Learn What Makes a Good Candidate.

I asked Jeff Evans, our Mission Mount Whitney and Gannett Peak expedition leader “what makes an ideal candidate?”  Given his deep and diverse history as an expedition leader, he knows what qualities will lead to a successful summit for the team and the individual. Here are a few of his thoughts.

One of the central ingredients to the success of each program is how each participant plays into the dynamic of the entire team. We are impacting countless veterans beyond the scope of just our 14 participants. Other veterans are hearing and seeing the stories that come from a successful program and they are using it as fuel to move forward on their own. It’s imperative that we have a group of individuals that is truly ready for change. These expeditions are better suited to bring on folks that are excited about change and ready to move forward with life.

Some of the most successful participants in the past have had these qualities:

  • Maturity. Showing the ability to engage and play well with others.
  • Open to change. Understanding that their experience in the military is a part of who they are but it does not define them as they transition into civilian life.
  • Content. Excited and receptive to the No Barriers life… aware that this is not just about climbing a mountain.
  • Ready to train. Possesses a desire to train up and put in the effort to prepare for the expedition.

Are you ready to get started?  Do you know someone who is ready to change?  Contact us today!