The Gannett Peak Family

During this journey in preparation for our ascent of Gannett Peak in Wyoming and during the climb itself, there were many strong bonds made by the team that can never be broken.

Initially, when we met in Colorado for our first training at COBS and St. Mary’s Glacier, there were some team members who were very reserved — observing the character, personalities, and actions of others. On the other hand, there were some who stepped up and tried to take control of the group. This training was the first opportunity to learn to overcome those differences and work as a team, giving everyone a chance to participate and begin to trust each other.

As our second and third training came and went, we became closer than ever before. We were learning that in order for anyone to succeed we needed each other. We agreed that we would climb Gannett Peak as a team, with no man left behind.

Between trainings, the team would correspond via social media, phone, or emails to see how each other’s training was going and if anyone needed anything.

We had bonded.

By the time it came to climb Gannett Peak the team knew everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. We had trained hard as a team and we now worked like clockwork. We slept, ate, worked hard, played hard and walked several miles over some of the roughest terrain together. If someone was struggling, other team members would take some of the work load off so we could all achieve the same goal. We worked hard as a family with each person having their own weight to pull, such as cooking, washing dishes, gathering water, or setting up tents — anything we had to do to survive 30 miles in the backcountry. We got to Gannett as a team.

When we were reunited in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 21st, we had only been separated for six weeks; however, it felt like six months. In the beginning we gave one another a hand shake and today no one gets by without a hug.

We are not only brothers and sisters in arms but this journey has made us a true family.