A Day of Reflection

Here we are. It’s 2015 and another Veterans Day is quickly approaching.

For those who haven’t served, it is a day to recognize the sacrifices of servicemen and women who put on the uniform every day in the name of freedom. For others it is a day of reflection. Reflection of what our country has accomplished and provided not only for ourselves but for the world. For me specifically it is a day of reflection on my time in the Army; the sacrifices that were made and ultimately watching 19 year old me grow into an adult far too quickly. Combat has a way of doing that to a young man.

Veteran’s Day is not celebrated in other countries so it feels pretty special to be recognized for what many of us consider Honor and Duty. When I was very little, my babysitter had a picture of her son in his dress uniform in the Marines. Even at a young age, I recognized the honor and privilege it was to serve our great nation and knew that I would someday choose to do that.

Veteran’s Day is also a day that I remember others sacrifices. My company in the 173rd Airborne Brigade was sent to some of the deadliest places in the warzone. Our casualty rate was very high. We lost 15 good men serving this country. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, I honor their sacrifice and their courage to sign their names on the dotted line, knowing well that they would soon be in combat.

I do feel as though Veteran’s Day should not be the only day civilians decide to thank veterans. Our sacrifices were many and our demons always just around the corner even after returning home.

It is thanks to great programs such as No Barriers Warriors that I am able to overcome such obstacles and continue on. They have given many veterans a light where none used to shine. If you are interested in donating, volunteering, or if you are a service member yourself looking for an outdoor program to help you, contact No Barriers Warriors at  www.nobarriersusa.org.