Not Victims, but Veterans

On September 11th, the Warriors to Summits team reached new heights and their summit. For the safety of the Warriors and due to hazardous conditions on the mountain, the team reached the highest point on Gannett Peak that they could – they stood at their personal summit at 12,800′.

Today, the entire team is home safe, celebrating their success and looking forward to the continued journey ahead.  But that journey ahead does not come without some personal reflection on the journey that they just took.

Nick, one of the Expedition Leaders, reflects on his journey with this sentiment:

Mountains don’t change for people, and Gannett Peak is no exception. These remarkable veterans that were part of Warriors to Summits changed though. At 13k feet, they changed themselves, they changed a nation, and they changed the perception of what it is to be a veteran in America. I am honored to have lead them and to know them.

These individuals showed America on September 11th, they are not victims, but veterans. With each step they proved to the world they were not broken or lost, but instead, the next greatest generation.
As the mountains rose above the horizon in Wyoming, and I laid eyes on the 13k foot monstrosity, Gannett Peak for the first time, I confidently looked to this Warriors to Summits team of veterans and quickly realized, they had already risen much higher than any mountain or barrier they could ever encounter. I signed on to lead this team up mountains, but through their journey, they ended up leading me on an inward expedition of discovery. I am honored to know this team, and proud of every step they took to raise awareness for our community of veterans.