Does it hurt? Yes. Am I in Pain? Yes.

No Barriers exists to help people grow. We use mountains and outdoor adventure travel as a metaphor for life. When the going gets tough, what you do next dictates who you are and how you’ll be a part of your own future. Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, our goal is to help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world.

Warriors to Summits is taking 11 brave men and women into the heart of the Wyoming Rockies this September, to not only explore a remote part of the world, but to show them that what’s within them is stronger than what’s in their way.

Team Gannett Peak participant, Jim Stanek Jr. has been experiencing some life-changing moments over the past four months and through three grueling trainings. Recently he sent us an audio file talking about some of those realizations and it motivated us to keep exploring, to be curious about our lives and to continue forward, overcoming the barriers that stand in our way.

Have a listen, get inspired and follow Jim and the other members of Team Gannett Peak as they head towards the summit of their lives starting in early September.

Want to do more? Walk with the Warriors this fall and support every grueling step Team Gannett Peak takes.

Warriors to Summits at Training #3