The Path to Gannett Peak

The men and women of Team Gannett Peak have come a long way from where they all were four months ago, when the 2015 Warriors to Summits expedition started. But instead of us telling you about their transformation, we’d like you to hear it from them.

“I know now that the the path I’m on is the right one. Giving back service to my fellow Veterans is clear to me now. Being with such positive people has gotten me past my first barrier. Because of such negativity here at home I almost lost who I am. Now I’m back full on! I have goals and a plan.” — Paul Smith

“The first two trainings have taught me discipline in exercise, eating and what I say or do, thus making me a better person, husband and father while at the same time allowing me to achieve higher goals in life without the thought of giving up. This has given me the confidence and strength needed to overcome obstacles I’m faced with everyday.” — Mark Yearsley

“I had been feeling numb and desensitized for a very long time, and now I’m feeling more alive than ever. The clouds look like they are starting to dissipate!” — Janet Gonzalez

“I’ve learned that sometimes, even in the midst of your head exploding with uncertainty and anxiety, if you trust in your team and let go of your reservations, well, then success is only a mindful moment away. You think there’s no way. You think it’s unattainable expectations. You think you’re crazy for thinking you could tackle this challenge. Then, you do.” — Gina Kothe

“The last two trainings have shown me that no matter how bad it gets, my friends to the left and right will not let me down. They will push themselves to ensure success, and I will push myself to enhance this positive experience.” — Denny Salisbury