A Bright Outlook on Life

Warriors to summits, team gannett peak

The expedition breakdown is Nathan’s carrot!

Before being accepted into the Warriors to Summits program, I was a hard charging paratrooper in a highly decorated unit.

After suffering a few injuries both in Afghanistan and in Garrison I was told not to exercise more than necessary. That included no running, no hiking and no climbing. I was told I would never climb mountains or “shoot bad guys” again and I was sent home.

This was in 2010.

After receiving the call that I was accepted into the Warriors to Summits program I quickly realized how out of shape I was. I showed up to our first training event weighing in at a hefty 196lbs. Climbing St. Mary’s Glacier was an eye opener for me, but since our first trip I have dropped over 20 pounds and can say that I am eating and sleeping better and my overall mood is much lighter.

These were not accomplished by some miracle drug or shock therapy. I dedicated myself to this expedition and have spent time almost every day exercising and preparing mentally for our final trip to Gannett Peak, Wyoming.

I have gone from being one of the last people up the mountain to onwarriors to summits, team gannett peake of the first, partly because of the weight loss but this also reflects greatly on my training. My training usually includes a three-mile run or a 3-5 mile ruck march with a 65-pound ruck at incline on the treadmill. Some days I try and take it easy on my knees and do 7-10 miles on a spin bike instead. I stretch extensively before and after and when I can’t sleep, I go crush myself on the treadmill and the bike again, never skipping a chance to get more fit for the team.

I exercise at least 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day. My diet has changed and I’ve even cut back on the sodas. The physical and mental changes from the exercise and diet are evident in my daily routine.

I cannot put into words how much excitement and joy No Barriers Warriors has brought me thus far. My outlook on life is bright. The changes I see in myself and my new friends in the program are nothing short of amazing. We are all accountable for each other. None of us will fail our mission to summit Gannet Peak on 9/11.

See you on top of the world.