Shades Worthy of an Expedition Leader

Anyone worth their salt in the mountains can tell you a few things about how important a good pair of shades are when you are getting after it in the backcountry.

As an expedition leader for No Barriers Warriors, I can tell you that protecting your eyes is muy importante, but so is looking cool while you do it. ZEAL’s shades are pretty rad and their affordable enough to build a quiver of sunglasses to fit all your needs. Plus, if you need eagle vision ZEAL can easily throw a prescription into any pair.

High in the mountains, on the steep terrain where we take the participants of Warriors to Summits to train, the sun’s rays are intense, and the boulder fields and glaciers reflect the day’s light making it crucial to protect your eyes.

This year, ZEAL partnered with No Barriers Warriors to provide an in-kind donation for Team Gannett Peak, supplying sunglasses at cost for our participants. The high quality construction and UV protection they offer ensure our participant’s eyes are out of harms way, plus ZEAL’s shades have all the functions needed to allow the men and women of Team Gannett Peak to wear them on the many glaciers dotted throughout the Rockies as well as back home doing their favorite outdoor activities.

Regardless of the raccoon eyes and the fresh mountain aroma of constantly spending days on end in the backcountry, the men and women of Team Gannett Peak are excited about the upcoming climb. Starting on September 4th, Warriors to Summits leaves civilization behind and heads deep into the heart of Wyoming towards 13,809 foot Gannett Peak.

From the expedition leaders to the staff at No Barriers and from the proud men and women of the 2015 Warriors to Summits expedition, thank you ZEAL for your support and great products.