A Revised Vision

Editors Note – Janet Gonzalez is a United States Army veteran and part of the 2015 Warriors to Summits Team Gannett Peak.

My definition of vision is the picture created by imagination, hopes and dreams. Measurable or not, they help create and form vision.

Long ago I was a dreamer. I believed in the magic and innocence of places, things andWarriors to summits, team gannett peak, warrior strong events. I believed in the unanswered questions. Then, I lost my way; my ever-changing vision vanished. And so I lived, day-to-day until life was reduced to a chronological order of experiences. Good and bad, highs and lows, gains and losses. I constantly wondered, “Where did the innocence, hope and magic go?”

It was easier to become desensitized by turning off the switch to life. Lessons, love and the everyday experience arrived and left with little notice. Then it happened — in small doses and at an excruciatingly slow pace. Hope, energy and love were fighting to come alive again.

I discovered that the path to acceptance, self-forgiveness and grief was painful. To face head-on all that I chose to run away from, or hide from, for so long has been a beautiful journey of recovery. I have finally arrived, and I am at the best place I can possibly be.

I missed myself for so long. I forgot I existed.

The innocence and magic are back and so is my revised vision.

For those of you that have accepted me and love me just as I am; thank you for understanding and waiting so patiently for the excitement and magic to return to my life. Thank you for being part of my journey, for the inspiration and the difficult and the heartbreaking lessons learned.

It’s time to forgive; it’s time to let go.

The time has arrived to get out, find your purpose and find your peak to summit. It is time to live life and allow the newfound hopes and dreams to transcend.

Gannett Peak, we have not met but you are looking pretty spectacular from where I stand. I’ll be heading your way soon with a rope and a prayer.

Team Gannett Peak, you are the beautiful gift that inspires courage, power and strength!