2015 Expedition:

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Brian enjoying the camaraderie of camp life on up on Mount Whitney Filling the Void: Life Seen Anew From "A 10,000-Foot View"

It gave me that perspective, and a fuel for wanting to be outside and plan what's next... More

Photo of Stevi and Adele on the summit ridge The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

I don’t wake up every day wondering why I survived anymore. I just live life in the best way I know how... More

Jody ascending towards the summit of Mt Whitney A Zest for Life: “There’s No Mountain Big Enough”

There’s so much out there that you can accomplish if you set your heart and mind to it... More

Photo of Stuart on the summit ridge Stuart’s Next Summit: Being Present for Others

Being present for other people, that’s what I’m called to do now... More

“I have reclaimed my sense of purpose and passion for life. I was lost, but No Barriers Warriors helped me find my way and my new purpose.”

 – Michelle Portier, U.S. Navy Veteran, 2013 Peruvian Andies Program